Pricing and Information

Pricing and Information:

For a 1 hour and a half long photo shoot I usually ask about $50 dollars.  This is paying for my time spent taking the photo's and the time put into editing the photos and touching them up.  However.  I'm very open to discussing different payment options depending on your needs and what you will be hiring me to do! 

Can you preview the pictures before you buy them?

Yes!  You can request for me to publish samples of your photo's here on my website.  Even if you don't request it,  I have the right to publish any photo's I take onto this website UNLESS you specifically ask me not to.  I will be sure to discuss this with you at the photo shoot and I will ask your permission to publish the photos. 

How will I give you the pictures?

I can....
  • ....Give you a CD with the pictures on it.  You will then be able to load the pictures to your computer and you can use the pictures for all of your needs. 
To get a CD of all your photo's - $5
  • ....Give you a thumb drive.  You can load the pictures onto your computer and use the pictures for all of your needs.  After downloading your pictures I request that you return the thumb drive to me within 30 days.  
The above option is free unless you would like to keep the thumb drive then I would ask an extra $5 dollars.
  • ... Give you both a CD and a thumb drive! There is no fixed pricing on this but it can be discussed if you would like to request both options.

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